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تبي طلبك يكون شحن مجاني  ....!؟ تسوق بمبلغ فوق 500 ريال  

Natureland Whole Spelt Penne 500g

Natureland Whole Spelt Penne 500g
Natureland Whole Spelt Penne 500g


Natureland pasta tastes great, and children love it as well, and this is really a distinction as most whole pasta tastes bad because of the use of old whole flour whose oils have been oxidized. This pasta contains original wheat, which is an old type of wheat that works for most people who are allergic to wheat. Indeed, we have found that some Crohn's patients who cannot eat wheat bread at all can eat the original wheat bread that we produce in Al-Raha bakery in Qadisiyah. Although the original wheat contains gluten, it is different from that of wheat, and therefore it goes with most of those who are allergic to wheat. Caution, bread is not about pasta. Bread is slow fermented, making it easy to digest and suitable for most people. As for pasta, because it is not fermented, some people who are comfortable with original wheat bread may not find that comfort in the original wheat pasta.

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