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flours baking agents

Brand: ابازير - abazeer Model: 8017977004544
Italian fine sea salt 1kg..
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National Organic Bur flourIngredients: organic wheat flourWeight: 3 kg..
Brand: ماركال - MARKAL Model: 3329480620568
Coconut is a type of tropical fruit and it is worth noting that the white pulp of coconut is used in many things, and both coconut milk and coconut oil have many aesthetic benefits, and coconut itself has many benefits for the human body, including:1- Coconut is among the fruits that stimulate the l..
26.00SAR 23.45SAR
Brand: ماركال - MARKAL Model: 3329480620193
Features: Fit all your needs: sweet or salty, it will be ideal to illuminate your TV evenings, your aperitif or your snacks. Melt it with sugar or salt, or with chocolate, honey or caramel, caters to all gourmets...
Brand: Schar-شار Model: 8008698004807
Gluten Free Mix B Bread Flour by CharCornstarch, Rice Flour, Vegetable Fiber (Psyllium, Bamboo), Whole Rice Flour 3.8%, Lentil Flour 3.6%, Dextrose, Thickener: the salt . May contain traces of soySuitable for making bread, pastries and sweets..
32.00SAR 28.25SAR
Brand: Natureland -ارض الطبيعة Model: 709993326844
Use in biscuits, cakes, pancakes, and waffles. We recommend sprouted wholegrain flour...
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