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Organic fruit jams

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Brand: ماركال - MARKAL Model: 3800218251204
"Our peanut butter is extremely healthy and equally tasty – it is made solely of organically grown peanuts and nothing else. Small kids and elder people with not so strong teeth struggle with nuts and maybe that was the way a Canadian scientist named Edson came up with the idea known before to the a..
Al-Watania Organic Peach Jam 320 g
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Many doctors and nutritionists recommend it for women who want to have more childrenIt contains a lot of Vitamin A, which is important during pregnancy and childbirthIt protects against infectious diseasesIt contains vitamin C, which protects against all infectious diseases, especially colds, and st..
Brand: Natureland -ارض الطبيعة Model: 709993311024
This honey is produced by bees from the nectar of acacia flowers in France. Natureland Quality requires no pesticide usage within 3 kilometers of the hives, that the bees are not treated with antibiotics, that the bees feed on their own honey, and that the honey is not heated beyond the natural temp..
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Natureland Acerola Juice 330ml Natureland Acerola Juice 330ml
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Brand: Natureland -ارض الطبيعة Model: 709993332296
A direct juice with only the actual water of the ripened fruit. It is gently pasteurized, and all its flavors and vitamins are from the fruit itself...
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