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Natureland Barley Coffee 100g

Natureland Barley Coffee 100g
Natureland Barley Coffee 100g


Barley * (28%), Barley Malt *(27%), Chicory* (23%), Rye* (20%), Figs* (2%). *Certified Organic

Natureland Instant Barley Coffee is a natural caffeine free beverage that requires no brewing. Just add boiling water, and enjoy it whenever you like. It’s not coffee so you don’t have to worry about it keeping you up at night or getting addicted to it. It contains chicory for a true coffee-like taste, however, since this is not a true coffee, it won’t burden your liver like normal coffee, nor does it work against your weight loss goals. Try sweetening it with a little honey, topping it with whipped cream, and sprinkling a little sweetened cocoa powder on top. You can use it in place of coffee in any recipe including cappuccino , frappacino , etc.

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