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الوطنية الزراعية - alwatania agricultural

Shipping is available only in: Riyadh Out Of Stock
Available in the city of Riyadh onlyThe age is more than 6 monthsWeight from 35 to 38 kgLO..
Minced chicken alwatania 400 g
Shipping is available only in: Riyadh, Sakaka,Jeddah In Stock
Shipping is available only in: Riyadh,& sakaka..
mixed fruits Juice Alwatania Organic 250ml
Out Of Stock
Al Watania Organic Mixed Fruit Juicethe ingredients:Organic juice from: peaches, apples, pears, apricots, water, organic sugar, citric acid, ascorbic acidThe possibility of forming natural food depositsCertified organic production..
There are many uses of salt that can be used:Helps strengthen gums and teeth when mixed with lemon juice. It increases hair growth and is revitalized when massaging the scalp with salt and water solution.It repairs the taste, and compensates for the lack of salt in foods lost during the cooking proc..
National Organic OatsThe product is free from preservatives, flavors, dyes, and any additivesNot genetically modified  Method of preparation, soupPut one tablespoon of oats for each cup of soup and boil it for five minutes to become thicker and tastier..
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