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ماركال - MARKAL

Brand: ماركال - MARKAL Model: 3329480620827
Black sesame seeds, the flavor is more intense than the whole sesame seeds, allowing to elevate your dishes, and bring crunch and color to all your recipes. You will be appreciated for recipes of bread and pastries. It can also be sprinkled on salads, white meat, fish and rice ... Feel free to incor..
Brand: ماركال - MARKAL Model: 3329480620124
It can be added to salads, with breakfast meals, and as an egg substituteIt is from organic and non-GMO cultivation..
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Brand: ماركال - MARKAL Model: 3329480620148
Sunflower seeds are a delicious healthy food supplement with many culinary applications. Sunflower seeds provide several vitamins (B and E), minerals, and essential monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. They are known for their antioxidant properties, similar to those of olive oil, and co..
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Brand: ماركال - MARKAL Model: 3329480620551
Check out the original flavors of the cashews during different times of consumption: as an appetizer, mixed into dishes..
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Brand: ماركال - MARKAL Model: 3329480620100
Pumpkin seeds can be eaten raw, roasted, chopped or chopped. They go well with soups and salads, mix with dried vegetables and fruits, or incorporate them into dough. They are also deliciously appetizing...
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Brand: ماركال - MARKAL Model: 3329480620568
Coconut is a type of tropical fruit and it is worth noting that the white pulp of coconut is used in many things, and both coconut milk and coconut oil have many aesthetic benefits, and coconut itself has many benefits for the human body, including:1- Coconut is among the fruits that stimulate the l..
Brand: ماركال - MARKAL Model: 3329480620483
Almonds can be enjoyed as an aperitif, as a snack, and as a dessert, alone or in combination. It also fits very well with many dishes: fried fish and vegetables...
Brand: ماركال - MARKAL Model: 3329480620544
Discover the taste of nuts in many dishes: desserts, pastries, salads, meat, poultry or fish. Hazelnuts are also perfect for healthy, balanced snacks. It is also recommended for athletes..
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Brand: ماركال - MARKAL Model: 3329480620735
Organic oat bran by Markal, 375gProduct color: brownProduct Type: BarleyProduct Form: DrySize: 357gPacking: bagFrom the manufacturer:Start your day with a healthy breakfast of Markal Organic Oat Bran. It boasts a wide variety of health benefits. This meal of organic oat bran contains elements rich i..
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Brand: ماركال - MARKAL Model: 3329480620674
The Markal brand has evolved around our historic product: bulgur (crushed wheat, pre-cooked). It is around this experience in cooking and working with grains that our brand is built (wheat, oats, spelled, soybeans ... all the grains we worked on). This is how we wanted to draw on this knowledge and ..
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Brand: ماركال - MARKAL Model: 3329480620681
Mizuli Organic Fruits by Markal, 375 gmproduct specificationProduct color: brownProduct Type: GranolaProduct Form: DrySize: 375 gmPacking: bag..
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Brand: ماركال - MARKAL Model: 3329480620087
Five-grain chips by Markal, 500 gmProduct color: brownProduct Type: GranolaProduct Form: DryWeight: 500gPacking: bag..
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