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Brand: ستيكس-STYX Model: 9004432180843
The extracts from aloe vera have always been known organic  for their legendary healing properties and your aloe vera provides them with a high percentage of active ingredients which take a soothing and regenerating effect especially for dry skin. For this reason it is recommended to use a body..
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Brand: ستيكس-STYX Model: 9004432183011
Used to massage the body. Good for athletes and helps relieve joint and muscle pain. # alqimam alwatania Body Care Summits# alqimam alwatania Peaks for Personal Care #..
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Brand: ستيكس-STYX Model: 9004432007706
Vitamin E works to revitalize stressed skin and helps to revive skin cells again as it prevents the early signs of aging and is an excellent choice for massage. # alqimam alwatania Peaks Personal Care #..
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Brand: ستيكس-STYX Model: 9004432006060
It is used for daily body massage and massage oils to revitalize the body and make it more active..
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Brand: ستيكس-STYX Model: 9004432180508
It is an effective product for soft hand. Made from 20% precious oils and herbs, shea organic butter. Also used for narrow feet...
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Cocoa Butter Body Cream 50ml Organic by styx
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Brand: ستيكس-STYX Model: 9004432010218
In earlier times, cocoa was served only in the homes of kings, notables, and nobles.The body cream made with organic cocoa butter is made from the scent of cocoa butter with the nutrient mineral components and vitamins A, B, D and E, and it gives a delicate texture to sensitive skin # The alqim..
Brand: ستيكس-STYX Model: 9004432001827
Special offer 50%  It is used for dark skin and works to hide its imperfections to give it moisture and vitality. ..
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Brand: ستيكس-STYX Model: 9004432175146
Contains goat milk serum and alpine herbs to give hair more lifeAnd smoothness and is beneficial for damaged and stressed hair...
Brand: ستيكس-STYX Model: 9004432007522
This face mask is rich in natural minerals and vitamin E, which revitalizes skin cells. This mask contains moisturizing aloe vera and is an ideal product for dry skin as it gently cleanses and moisturizes and removes dead cells and feels your skin soft and fresh. # alqimam alwatania Skin C..
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Brand: ستيكس-STYX Model: 9004432174842
An ideal shampoo that helps to strengthen the roots of the hair, as it contains nettle and alpine herbs and is suitable for hair that means of hair loss...
Brand: ستيكس-STYX Model: 9004432099305
It is used to soften hands and is considered a very effective conditioner for rough skin...
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Brand: ستيكس-STYX Model: 9004432010201
It is made up of 100% shea organic butter and is used to tighten and moisturize the body. The oil extracted from chia contains vitamin E and the synthetic substance of vitamin A and allantoin, as it helps to revitalize and revitalize the cells and tighten and moisturize the skin. # National Summits ..
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